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About me The challenges of Wellbeing are not just physical...they are psychological, emotional, and even social.

My name is Andre Smith. Based in central London, I’m a wellbeing therapist and practitioner with over 20 years experience helping people into emotional, psychological and physical Wellbeing.

I offer a range of therapeutic support services that includes counselling, hypnotherapy and relaxation & mediation sessions.

The work we do together is shaped around your goals. I do not tie you into any number of weekly sessions, but rather work flexibly according to need.

If you are interested in any of the therapies I offer, I’ll be happy to tell you more and answer any questions or general enquiries.

You can email, phone or text via the 'Contact me' link above.

andre smith

Counselling The Power of Change thru Talking Therapy

One in four of us will, at various times in our lives, experience some kind of emotional or psychological difficulty. Left unaddressed, these issues can quickly and negatively impact our confidence, our relationships, our work and general sense of wellbeing – often leaving us feeling even more stressed, stuck and unable to move forward.

My expertise lies in helping you to make sense of - and move past - the issues that are affecting your life and day-to-day experiences, to bring fresh perspective, and to teach proven strategies like emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and resilience as coping skills for future, post counselling, self-management.

Talking over your concerns and difficulties to an objective, unbiased professional is half the battle. I’ve never met a client who needed to be ‘fixed’ – but I’ve met with a lot who simply didn’t have the space or confidence to talk freely without the fear of judgement. I offer you both emotional and psychological support, and perhaps most importantly, allow you space to be properly heard.

Hypnotherapy 'The secret of life is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, But on building the new', Socrates

If your wellbeing is impacted by unhelpful habits, if you feel stuck or find yourself repeating the same negative patterns of behaviour over and over, there’s a good chance that hypnosis might be the perfect therapy for you. I practice as a solution focused hypnotherapist, meaning I help you get from where you are to where you want to be without you having to dig up the past.

Hypnotherapy is a simple, fast and straightforward tool that can reverse addictive behaviour, transform bad habits, and help you to change an unhelpful or negative mind set. Hypnosis treats a wide variety of issues that include anxiety, depression and stress, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, sleep problems and phobias - as well as weight, food or smoking issues that you’d like to tackle. Hypnosis is not sleep and you will always be in control. We all experience hypnotic-like trances in everyday events when we are daydreaming or totally immersed in a good book or film


Please call or email me to arrange an initial consultation. In that first meeting, you tell me about the issues that are affecting your life and what is that you hope to achieve by coming to see me. I will explain to you in detail exactly how hypnosis works and what you can expect.

Together, we will work out a treatment approach best suited to you. During the consultation and in advance of your first full hypnosis session, I will also conduct a deep but relaxing meditation-like session which will help me assess your level of receptivity to hypnosis, and also will give you an idea of what to expect in subsequent sessions.

Relaxation & Meditation 'Tension is who you think you should be - Relaxation is who you are' Chinese Proverb

Increasingly, people are choosing mindfulness and meditation as a way of optimising wellbeing. As a practicing wellbeing therapist, I also offer one-to-one relaxation-based mindful meditation sessions which are excellent for people who do not want or need therapy, but who want to minimise the effects of stress, anxiety and pressure – in their personal lives, in the workplace, or in both.



  • (DipC) Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Practitioner Counselling
  • Counselling skills Certificates
  • Registered member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (NLP practitioner)


  • (DipCHyp) Qualified clinical hypnotherapist - practicing since 2012
  • Registered member of the National Hypnotherapy Society

Relaxation & Meditation

  • I have practiced relaxation meditation techniques for over 20 years and I’m trained in MBSR (Mindfulness based stress reduction) since 2009


Counselling: one-to-one sessions

All one hour appointments - including initial consultation (90 minutes) are charged at £60 per session.


All 50minute appointments including initial consultation (up to 90 minutes) are charged at £60.

One-to-One Deep Relaxation & Mindfulness Meditation

£50 per I hour session.


24 hours notice requested please.


or call me

07958 690 813
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